Tuesday – Friday

LUNCH 11.00 -14.30

LATELUNCH 14.30 – 17.00


Tuesday – Friday
Lunch 11 – 14.30
Late Lunch 14.30 – 17.00



BUN THIT NUONG (10.8/ 11.8*)

Lemongrass pork / lemongrass chicken / shrimp / soyham (V)
Rice vermicelli noodle with fried roll, sweet potato fritter, carrot – daikon pickle, salad, cucumber, mint, cilantro, crispy onion and peanut

PHO SAI GON (10.8/ 11.8*)

Beef / chicken / shrimp / soyham
Ultimate Pho noodle soup with 12-hour- beef-broth, onion, leak, cilantro, Thai-basil and bean sprout

PHO VEGAN (V) (10.5/ 11.8*)

Vegan pho noodle with soy ham, broccoli, mushroom, leek, cilantro, onion, Thai-basil and bean sprout

GOI CUON 4 pieces (11/ 11.8*)

Shrimp / Soy ham (V)
Fresh rolls with rice vermicelli, salad, cucumber, mint, cilantro, carrot – daikon pickle and hoisin-peanut sauce

COM TAM (11/ 11.8*)

Broken rice served with grilled lemongrass pork, sunny-side up egg, cucumber, carrot – daikon pickle and fish sauce


BUN BO SAI GON (11/ 11.8*)

Beef and pork ham / Shrimp / Soy ham
Lemongrass noodle soup with large size rice noodle, onion, leak, mint, Thai-basil and bean sprout


Fish sauce chicken served with broken rice, carrot – daikon pickle, cucumber and green salad


Our special stuffed baguette with carrot – daikon pickle, cucumber, cilantro, mayonnaise and soya sauce and one of these fillings

Lemongrass pork 8.2
Lemongrass chicken 8.2
Char siu pork 8.2
Vietnamese cold-cut ham 8.2
Fried eggs with chicken paté 8.2
Soyham (V) 8.2

Tea and coffee are included