Chả Giò (7)

3- fried rolls with pork, sweet potato, homemade carrot – daikon, mushroom and onion served with fish sauce

Gỏi Cuốn (7)

2-fresh rolls with rice vermicelli, salad, cucumber, mint, cilantro, homemade carrot – daikon pickle and hoisin peanut sauce

  • Shrimp
  • Soya ham (V)
  • Organic Tofu (V) (7.8)

Gỏi bò/gà (9/13)

Beef or Chicken salad with mixed greens


Our stuffed baguette with homemade carrot – daikon pickle, cucumber, cilantro, mayonnaise and soya sauce.

Lemongrass pork 8.5
Lemongrass chicken 8.5
Soyham (V) 8.5


Phở Sài Gòn (13.8)

Ultimate Pho noodle soup with 12-hour- beef-broth, onion, cilantro, basil and bean sprout

  • Beef (rare beef, well-done beef and beef meat ball)
  • Shrimp
  • Chicken
  • Special Mix (Beef, chicken and Chicken) (16.8)

Phở Chay (V) (14.5)

Vegan pho noodle with soy ham, broccoli, mushroom, cilantro, onion, basil and bean sprout

  • Soya ham 
  • Organic Tofu (15.5)

Bún Thịt Nướng (14.5)

Rice vermicelli noodle with fried roll, sweet potato fritter, homemade carrot – daikon pickle, salad, cucumber, mint, cilantro and peanut

  • Lemongrass pork
  • Lemongrass chicken (13.8)
  • Shrimp (13.8)
  • Soya ham with fish sauce/soya sauce (V)
  • Organic Tofu with fish sauce/soya sauce (V)
  • Special Mix (Pork/chicken, Organic Tofu, shrimp) (17.5)

Cơm Tấm (14.5)

Broken rice served with grilled lemongrass pork, sunnyside up egg, cucumber, carrot – daikon pickle and fish sauce

Gà Chiên Nước Mắm (15)

Fish sauce chicken served with broken rice, carrot – daikon pickle, cucumber and green salad

Cà Ri (14.5)

Curry with carrot, potato and sweet potato, served with baguette or broken rice

  • Chicken
  • Shrimp 
  • Soya ham (V)
  • Organic Tofu (V) (15.5)
  • Special Mix (Chicken, Shrimp, Organic Tofu) (17.5)

Cơm Gà (15.5)

BBQ grilled Chicken served with broken rice and fish-sauce eggplant, peanuts, carrot – daikon pickle, cucumber

Phnom Penh Dry Noodle (14.8)

Phnom Penh  noodle salad served with chives, celery, beansprout, cilantro, onion and house-made sauce

  • Chicken
  • Shrimp 
  • Soya ham (V)
  • Organic Tofu (V)

Mekong Salmon (16.8)

Mekong-Caramelized-Fish-Sauce Salmon served with broken rice, bok choy, hard-boiled egg, onion and pepper

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